The new British and European standards for "Chairs and tables for educational institutions" were approved in 2007.

The new standards are:

BS EN 1729 Part 1 - Functional dimensions

BS EN 1729 Part 2 - Safety requirements and test methods

Whilst most existing school furniture will pass BS EN 1729 Part 2, the fundamental changes to compliant furniture design are in BS EN 1729 Part 1 which relates to the appropriate size, shape and ergonomic design of classroom furniture to maintain good posture and reduce RSI and back pain in school children.

Classroom Furniture Guide

Popliteal Height

Popliteal Height defines the correct seat height. The measurement is taken from the floor to the back of the knee when seated, with thighs horizontal and lower leg vertical with feet flat to the floor.


Stature is from the floor to the top of the head.

Sitting Work Height

Sitting work height defines the correct table height. The measurement is determined by sitting elbow height which is the distance from the floor to the underside of the elbow whilst sitting with teh upper arm vertical and the lower arm horizontal.

Standing Work Height

Standing work height defines the correct standing table height. The measurement is determined by standing elbow height which is the distance from the floor to the underside of the elbow of a standing person with the upper arm vertical and lower arm horizontal.

To ensure you purchase the most accurate height furniture for the individual child in compliance with the standards, we recommend that you measure the stature and Popliteal height of the child. You can then match those measurements with the sizemark guide shown below.

To help you purchase furniture that complies to the new British and Eurpean standards the following Sizemark guide indivates which fixed seat heights and table heights are suitable for the childs age and size.

Colour Coded Sizemark Guide Orange Feet Violet Feet Yellow Feet Red Feet Green Feet Blue Feet
Sizemark 1 2 3 4 5 6
Age Range 3 - 4 4 - 6 6 - 8 8 - 11 11 -14 14 - Adult
Popliteal Height Range (MM) 250 - 280 280 - 315 315 - 355 355 - 405 405 - 435 435 - 485
Stature Range (MM) 930 - 1150 1080 - 1210 1190 - 1420 1330 - 1590 1460 - 1765 1790 - 1880
Standing Table Height (MM) 590 710 760 900 1000 1000
Table Height (MM) 460 530 590 640 710 760
Chair Height (MM) 260 310 350 380 430 460

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All products are manufactured to relevant British Standards for strength, stability and size. All products carry a minimum 5 year guarantee against defective workmanship. Our suppliers subscribe to the BESA code of practice.

BESA code of practice

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